What Is Rahway Park Watch?

Rahway Park Watch is an effective crime prevention program for our neighborhood parks. The goal of Rahway Park Watch is to prevent crime and vandalism through community involvement. Similar to our Neighborhood Watch programs, Rahway Park Watch asks residents and park users to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the Rahway Police Department.

Community members can help to prevent crime and vandalism to playground, park equipment and park facilities by reporting suspicious activity to the Rahway Police Department. Residents and park users can also assist in the care and maintenance of our city parks by alerting officials of maintenance needs or aesthetic other concerns. Your eyes and ears are a valuable crime prevention tool!

How Can You Be Involved?

Residents and park patrons are in a unique position to both enjoy and protect our parks. Although maintenance personnel and the Rahway Police Department patrol the parks on a regular basis, they may not see everything that you see. To participate in Rahway Park Watch, we simply ask you to report suspicious or illegal activity to the Rahway Police Department TIPS Line at 732-388-1553. Reporting helps the police department and the City to address issues in a timely manner.

A concerned community can deter crime by reporting suspicious activities. The best tool to reduce crime is a good neighbor. Rahway Park Watch asks you to be a good neighbor to our local parks.

Benefits to the Community:

  • A reduction in crime and vandalism
  • A reduction in repair and restoration costs for facilities and equipment
  • Increased safety for children and park patrons
  • Increased community pride