Rahway SafeCam Registration Program


Do you currently utilize private video surveillance at your home or business?  If you do, the Rahway Police Department would like to hear from you.

Video surveillance is one of the best methods for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects who are caught in the act of committing a crime. Installing video surveillance is a great example of community-police partnerships, which something we highly value as a police agency serving our community.

The Rahway Police Department wants your help in fighting crime by taking part in the Surveillance Camera Registry Program called SafeCam. SafeCam allows residents and business owners to register the locations of their video surveillance systems with RPD. When a crime occurs, police will be able to identify the locations of nearby video cameras and enlist the assistance of the community to help officers collect video evidence and follow up on leads.

Through the program, police officers will be able to directly contact SafeCam registrants who are using video in an area in which a crime occurred. Police would ask SafeCam registrants to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time for video that may show activity involved with a crime, such as a getaway car or the direction that a person of interest was headed.

If you are considering purchasing a video surveillance system, please consider the following:

  • The higher the resolution of the video the better results that will be yielded;
  • A minimum of 30-days storage of information is recommended;
  • Camera(s) should face entrance and exit points;
  • Not surprisingly, the more you spend, the better the quality and the more features you get. Of the higher-end features, I’d put night vision at the top – after all, crimes have a tendency to occur after dark.
  • Motion detection is also desirable.
  • Has the ability to save video and/or pictures externally, and the ability to play back video at high speed (helps you to find the event faster) and in slo-mo (to see what really happened).

Need help determining proper camera placement?
Request a free security survey by calling us at 732/ 827-2079, or email your request to weicholz@rahwaypolice.com

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Do The Police “Take Over” Or Have Access To The Monitoring?
No. The cameras and the footage recorded remain your property and the police do not have access to it unless you voluntarily hand it over if it is requested. Registration with Rahway SafeCam, and continual involvement with it is purely voluntary. You can withdraw your registration at any time.

Why Do The Police Want This?
The objective of the program is primarily to build a database of camera locations in our community. Adding a security camera to your property is an excellent crime prevention tool. Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. The presence of cameras is a deterrent to crime. Allowing the police quick access to potential recordings of crimes in progress is a way for citizens to help make our communities safer for everyone.

Are You Asking Us To Do The Job Of The Police?  
No. We are asking you to take an active part in helping make your community safer. Neighborhood Watch is a recognized crime prevention initiative that started many years ago; police asked neighbors to look out for neighbors. This is the technological extension of that program.

Will Anyone Be Able To See The Database?
No. The list of registered properties is kept confidential and only the police will have access to it. When a crime occurs, officers can locate the scene on a crime map, and instantly see which residences have security video that may be of use.

Are The Police Encroaching On Our Privacy?
No. The program is one hundred percent voluntary. You may be visited regardless by officers conducting an investigative canvass if a crime occurs in your neighborhood. In addition to being asked about the specific event, you may be asked if you have cameras. You are free to decline to assist the police.

How Will I Share The Footage From My System With The Police?
Specially trained officers will extract the video from your system, and retain it for evidence.

Is It Easy To Enroll?
Yes. The form to register is very user friendly, and can be completed online in a matter of minutes. Just visit, www.rahwaypolice.com , and click on the link for the Rahway SafeCam program. A writable form will appear. Complete the entire form, and hit the submit button. It’s that simple.

What Can I Expect After I Register?
Upon registration, you will receive a personal visit from a Rahway Police Officer to verify the enrollment information. Additionally, the officer will discuss important details about the program, make suggestions on camera placement, and can also conduct a site security survey. Upon completion of this process, you will receive a program decal that should be placed in a visible area on your home.

Why Do I Need A Decal?
The decal alerts people to the presence of security cameras, and helps to serve as a deterrent to criminals. The benefits extend beyond the home to include the community. Criminals are less likely to strike if they know they are on video, which increases the chance of being identified.

Will I Be Contacted A Lot Because Of This?
Initially, you will be contacted by a police officer to verify the accuracy of the information on your application. At that time, you will receive a program decal, and the officer will answer any additional questions that you may have about the program. After that, you will only be contacted if an incident occurs in your neighborhood and police think your security cameras may have recorded something relevant.

If you have any questions, please contact the Rahway Police Department at safecam@rahwaypolice.com.

Thank you for partnering with Rahway Police Department!