In an effort to promote and enhance the quality of life for the residents of the City of Rahway, the Rahway Police Department is conducting a city-wide removal of all vehicles deemed junked or abandoned. A vehicle is considered abandoned if it does not have current registration plates, or has been unused and inoperable for more than 15 days. A junk motor vehicle is one that is no longer in actual use as a motor vehicle or which is wholly unfit as a motor vehicle without rebuilding.

It is the public policy of the city to prevent the unsightly and unsafe conditions which result from the abandonment of motor vehicles. In accordance with Chapter 187 of the City Code, it is prohibited to park, leave or store any junk motor vehicle or abandoned motor vehicle on any lands or premises within the city for more than 15 days. The ordinance also authorized the police department to tow any such abandoned or junk vehicles from private property. Lawfully operated junkyards or motor vehicles stored in garages or other enclosed buildings are exempt.

The vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense and a summons will be issued to both the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the property where the vehicles were stored. Residents are advised to remove any abandoned or junked vehicles as quickly as possible so as to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. For more information, please contact the Rahway Police Traffic Bureau at 732-827-2073.