The City of Rahway requires that all bicycles be registered with the police department and display a registration sticker, in accordance with City Ordinance Chapter 147-3. The Rahway Police Department traffic bureau offers a Free Bicycle Registration program to all residents of the City of Rahway. This public service program is part of our Neighborhood Watch Program, which is specifically aimed at reducing bicycle thefts. Every year our police department recovers numerous bicycles that cannot be matched to owners simply because most people do no record the necessary identifying information for their valuable bicycles. The Rahway Police Department maintains a database that records these important serial numbers so that it is readily accessible to police in case your bicycle is lost or stolen.

The process is very simple and only takes minutes to complete. Simply bring your bicycle to the Rahway Police Department and one of our officers will examine the bicycle, record the necessary information on a pre-printed registration form, and supply you with a bicycle registration tag to place on your bicycle. This sticker identifies your bicycle as being properly registered with the Rahway Police Department. It also contains a serial number that is unique to that specific bicycle. Each bicycle registered will receive a separate license tag. The license tag number is then recorded in a database, so that in case of theft, we will be able to retrieve the make, model, serial numbers, and ownership information that are necessary to enter the bicycle stolen. You must bring the bicycle to police headquarters. All bicycles will be inspected by a police officer before a license is issued to ensure that it is in compliance with the required city code safety standards. Bicycles with missing or defaced serial numbers will not be issued a license.

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