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Detective Badge

Performance Objective

The personnel assigned to the Detective Bureau are committed to combating crime by providing professional, thorough and systematic investigations of crimes and incidents reported to the Rahway Police Department. Detectives concentrate their efforts on solving crimes, apprehending suspects, identifying and retrieving evidence and recovering stolen property. They use all available modern and traditional resources available to them to accomplish this objective.

Detective Bureau Organization

The Detective Bureau is comprised of five units – General Investigations, Juvenile Bureau, Identification and Technical Services Unit, Special Investigations Unit, and Records Bureau. A Sergeant or a Lieutenant supervises each unit. A Captain is responsible for the entire Detective Bureau.

At full compliment, there are a total of sixteen Detectives assigned to the various units in the Detective Bureau with the exception of the Records Bureau. These officers exhibit excellent investigative and interpersonal skills and modern technology combined with traditional police work, such as interviewing, interrogation and evidence collection, to conduct timely and professional investigations.

Investigative Priorities

Every citizen that is a victim of a crime wants the police department to conduct a thorough and complete investigation of this event. Unfortunately, not every crime can be investigated beyond the initial police investigation. Several factors are considered when determining if a crime is going to be assigned to a Detective for follow-up. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • The seriousness of the crime.
  • The amount of readily available information pertaining to the suspect(s).
  • How recently the crime was reported.
  • The availability of the Police Department’s resources.
  • The availability of any physical evidence at the scene.

The supervisor in charge of assigning follow up investigations must base his/her decision on which crimes appear to have a high probability of being solved. However, there may be instances when community attitudes may have an influence on investigative priority regardless of the factors listed above.

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